If you would like to know how to utilize the Science Workbook with the Mcatforme schedule (in place of the EK 1001 series), please follow the attached excel sheet. 

Essentially, the books we use will match up to the Science Workbook perfectly, except for certain ones (ie muscular, skeletal, and respiratory system questions are all grouped into one, when in reality they are 2 separate chapters). This is due to the discrepancies in version numbers. For situations like these, do this set of homework, after reading the second chapter (in this case respiratory system). That way you will have all the knowledge down, before worrying about whether or not you are missing questions because of a lack of understanding or simply because you haven't read it before. 

Sometimes it takes 2 days to finish the EK homework, is this the same for the TPR Science Workbook?

We only did this for the EK book because at times there was a tremendously large number of questions scheduled in one day. We don't see this for the science workbook, and for that reason there is no need to break it up in that way. On the days you "reread" a chapter (if doing the 3 month+ schedule), you will do the homework. If you find yourself not finishing, after studying for 8 hours/day, you can save the questions you didn't answer for review days. There will be enough of these for you to catch up.